Thursday, January 8, 2009

I know I know!

You would think I would do better keeping up with this blog! I have been super duper busy though. David and I are getting married! And if that wasn't exciting of my oldest (as in known each other for a long time but reconnected about a year ago) friends is also engaged! Yay! Originally I started this to post my preschool stories. a couple of years ago my director/mentor and I were talking about how wonderful it would be to have a preschool teachers handbook. stories of how students and parents have touched our lives and how we in turn have touched theirs. I began collecting storeys from teachers parents and even former student and former parents. But somehow I got sidetracked. I hope I can start up again. I tried writing a short fiction story based on several stories I was reading about in the papers about child abandonment from the perspective of the person who finds a child but as always after getting some constructive criticism and re-reading it I decided it was no good and deleted it. I don't think people realise how difficult it is to write fiction sometimes. I have a million stories in my head but after I write them just seems like they go from being inspired and imaginative to forced and contrite. But re-telling stories of my experiences in the classroom...that I think I do better at. here's to a happy new year!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"Brina I'm sorry about not responding immediately to your comment I would love to go work-out with you! I don't get e-mail alerts when I get comments....I will check this more often now!lol"Gasaway

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becoming brina said...

LOL well i'm glad you want to work out with me! I'm going with W tonight and spending Friday/Saturday with T, but are you free on Sunday? Let me know when you'd like to start!
And i feel ya on the writing. Good lord, i feel ya. Hope it picks up!