Sunday, February 1, 2009

Taking a break....

Actually I think it is really called procrastinating...and that is something I am really really really good at. I feel like I am about half way done. I mean this was my checklist this morning

1) Pay rent
2)put money on the laundry card
3)get new air filter

(Of course I have to be efficient so I grouped them...the above things were all stuff I had to do i the office)

4)Unload car
5)repack my stuff for storage (condense boxes)
6)Load car with boxes for storage

7)Clean car
8)wash dishes

10)straighten up apartment
12)make dinner.

So see 12 things totally doable before David gets off of work. and it only took me about 10 min. to come up with the min to figure out my plan of which point I needed a break! lol

But like I said the list is smaller now. I'm at the cleaning portion of it so hear is hoping the multitasking part of me will kick in and I can get it finished in about 2 hours giving me more than enough time for...yep another break!

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"wish I was Mary Poppins....then I could just snap and sing and it would all be done"Gasaway

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