Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mot Me Monday...ere...uhhhh.yeah will go with that

I am not posting this on Thursday because I procrastinated all week. I did not log on and look at my blog and think I really need to post a nmm post every single night and then get distracted by something else. nope...not me. I do not have ADD. I have not become obsessed with The and reading post that have been visited by the drama llama. David and I did not have a fight which ended up with me in tears because of fish food. I did not get upset when david jokingly told me I needed to go on a diet after I jokingly told him the same thing. I did not purposely slow down because a dumb ass in a mustang was driving way to fast so he couldn't pass (brina that was for you) and i did not...absolutely did not read an article about normal penises in cosmo and then immediately check davids to be sure his was normal...nope not me!

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becoming brina said...

oh honey. sounds like you've had quite a week! <3