Monday, February 2, 2009

Well so much for that

I am exhausted. I thought i got a good nights sleep. I slept for a full 9 hours. I didn't get my weekend rest but I thought I made up for it. I was wrong. not even half way through the day and I feel like curling up on one of the kiddo's mats and going to sleep. of course the lights be off and the soft music doesn't all! I am also sore. and hungry. But for avocados. And chocolate. which is weird...right? I mean I love me some avocados and I love me some chocolate but right now i just want to sit with some fresh avocado and dip it into a bowl of creamy warm chocolate frosting and just eat. good lord. and its raining so the kiddies couldn't go out to run around and play today. I feel restless. I want to do something. not just work. I want to get a second job (right...most people can't even find a first job right now!) or volunteer somewhere or go to the beach or have an adventure. I feel so weird right now this blog probably makes as much sense as fish banana...Le sigh

restless Thoughts!

Michelle"maybe its the rain"Gasaway

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