Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Me..errr...tuesday

I don't procrastinate..at all. ahem that being said...I also did not fall out of a pair of heels I wore earlier this week twice. I did not drive all the way over to Michigan St. in downtown Orlando to meet my new doctor only to call his office after driving up and down the road for 20 min looking for his office only to find out that in fact...he was on Michigan ave...in Kissimee (or is it the other way around? ave. st. what ever.) I have not been having mild panic attacks all week because my left hand leg and 3 of my toes have been constantly numb making me believe I am going to have a stroke. I have not left my purse at work everyday since Friday...and it most certainly did not have my paycheck in it which I do not need to pay rent. and I did not (and this is totally gross) break out like a teenager this past week. and the blemishes were not in the weirdest of places like behind and in my ear in my armpit and (eek) one huge painful one...on my boob. Le sigh. I am not totally panicking over the thought of having a cat scan because I mentioned the numbness to my doc and he wants to "check things out in there" to make sure it's OK. I did not get new fish this week either....fish that are incredibly spastic. and i did not cry when My beta Marseilles Wallace (whom I got from David on our one month anniversary) died. I did not name the two new fish (which I did not get anyway) after the two hit men from Pulp Fiction. I also did not get two snails for the aquarium and name them Jose and Cuervo.

Michelle"must stop procrastinating...not that I do that"Gasaway


becoming brina said...

*snort* i love the names of your aquatic pets. awesome!
I hope everything's ok and that the CAT scan goes well, babe! I had to go into one of the big machines for my MRI and while it's a bit nerveracking, i actually fell asleep during mine because of all the white noise. And y'know-the tired. Heart you!

Captain Cleavage said...

awww thanks brina. yea I wanted to actually name them all the same name in case any of them died but decided this was better. Not sure why we choose pulp fiction for our pets (even our first fish was named after a character in that movie! lol) I think i will be ok with the cat scan. I am claustriphobic to an extent but I figure if I keep my eyes closed the whole time...I'll be fine