Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I got some "new" clothes...

Actually they are hand-me-downs from my aunt but that's OK...she takes good care of her stuff...and has great clothes...and they are free! yay! But the best (well for me that is...David disputes this) is that I got a cute little house dress...a brightly colored flowery house dress...all-right it's a muumuu! but even is comfy!!!! although I have to body doesn't look great in it...I kinda look like tracy turnblads mom from hairspray (the Ricki lake version...not the musical! lol) but I don't care...comfort is a wonderful thing! and I promised David it would never see the light of day with the exception of our porch (no one can see it from there lol)

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"man do i feel good!"Gasaway!

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becoming brina said...

heh. *awesome* my first grade teacher wore nothing but muumuus and scared the crap out of me. you'd think it would make me comfortable, what with my family being from hawaii, but it doesn' doesn't.