Thursday, February 26, 2009

My poor guy (and my new claim to fame)

I can't belive I did this. I mean I never get in wreacks...I am a good driver. I have only ever been in one fender bender my entire life (and brina was with me...oh yeah! *hi-5"s brina through the interwebz*) But I have now been in two. Thats right. Luckily I didn't hit another car...just a freakin light poll...damn. The scariest thing is..I blacked out. Not after the accident but before it. I was driving and then next thing i knew...BAM! So I got my cat scan at the hospital last night and have a follow up with a nerologist next week. Poor david on the other hand was waiting at home with dinner ready. He actually called my cell looking for me because I was late and the paramedics answered (side note...I keep my cell down my shirt in bettween my boobs...yea...that was all kinds of awkward!) which of course freaked him the hell out. and then to top it all off he had to walk ...yes WALK to the hospital. Luckily they took my to Dr. Phillips (right of turkey lake) which is about a 30 min walk from our place. I am now sore nauseated and more than a little freaked out and terrified about getting behind the wheel of a car. And the bitchy ass dr was no help. (Do you think this is normal?!?! you could have hit a child! --->(points to me hysterical and in tears) Oh gawwwd!) psh...what a douche nozzle!

Now as to my claim to fame...if your driving down turkey lake tword central Florida Pkwy or down palm parkway towards central Florida...on the corner of CFP...that light pole that is sitting at a nice little angle...oh yea...that's all me!

Sore Thoughts!


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