Monday, June 8, 2009

Not me monday (look guys im actually doing it!)

ok so since mnost of this pertains to the "with childness" that i am going through it should really be on the other blog...

but you are just lucky it is getting done in the first place....

I did not break any rules this weekend.

I did not have an incrediblly mouthwatering turkey and cheese samich on friday with an O' Douhls (no freak outs please....doc says its ok and funny story she said their is actually more alchohol in a glass of orange juice and in canada they give you a guiness in the hospital to stop pre-term contractions or for pain releife....who knew) because even though i am in "the family way" I am not totally craving everything Im not allowed to have....and beer? seriouslly? anyway

I also did not spend all day on friday with bed....watching....wait for it....The X-MEN Animated series! oh yea! I mean.....nope not me!

I also am not suffering tummy troubles after bragging about not being sick...and an update...the child has decided...I can have cheese grits with grape jelly....great.

i also did not totally make an appointment for a belly cast with a woman who can a)paint it pink! and B)decorate it with S Crystals!!!! WOOOT!

happy thoughts!


becoming brina said...

This kid has the weirdest taste ever! Although my sister got into the queso-dipped oreos when she was preggo in the eggo, so i guess the cheesy grits with jelly aren't the strangest i've head.
The belly cast sounds so cute! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

ailina said...

OMG, BELLY CAST!! That sounds... just fantastic. Words fail.