Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scary Adventures!

So yesterday my girlfriend J called me up and asked if I was in the mood for a field trip. My response? The home is cleaned, laundry done, Mail checked and dinner ingredients sitting out in prep mode. David won't be home till eight and we of course will be home wayyyy before that. And seriously who turns down a field trip?!?!?! I mean seriously? So J comes over and we hang out for a bit. David in the meantime comes home early.Which is cool. I don't have to leave a note now! We all visit and then "the girls" head out. Now a few things before I continue...

1)We were going to a place called Pipe Dreams which is 1/2 head shop and 1/2 porn shop.

2)This in pine hills (or more com manly known to locals as Crime Hills)

Immediately upon entering my sinuses flared. If you have ever been in a head shop before you know they always have incense of a various nature. I love incense...I do. But my sinuses do not appreciate it on a massive scale and when it is about 20 different types...just sayin.

So here we are walking around me looking like I am severely depressed and feeling like my head is going to explode but giggling hysterically none the less.

Enter...the old guy behind the counter. Who thought two young giggly ladies were the perfect people to talk to and opened with this beaut of a question...

"If you came home and caught some girl giving your man that cheating?"

My answer..."ummmm yea...I would have to cut a bitch"

apparently this answer makes me a prude ;(

At some point the conversation got around to the question "are you into kinky stuff like torcher, wax, cutting?"

*sigh* Long story short he invited us to "The Dungeon" in the back.

Now before I carry on and tell you just how incredibly awesome (no I'm not even kidding) this place was let me first say this.

J is brave. I on the other hand put on a good "brave" face. In reality..I am totally a chicken shit.

And as we exited the store through the back and followed this guy I had a number of thought running through my head

1)hmmmm I wonder if the are open for business right now?

2)This is kind of an almost scarey a rob zombie movie

3)holy shit! people get dead in rob zombie movies...and not in pleasing ways either!

4)We are going to die...this guy is the front man to death operation like in hostel...i know it!

Now obviously...I was wrong. As far as the room goes...awesome. Whips chains racks chairs cages it had everything! Including a stylist chair and Movie star mirror surrounded by lights so you could do your hair and make-up. Not nearly as scary as I was thinking it was going to be (you know because I frequent BDSM lifestyle Dungeons so often! lol)

It is called The Woodshed Orlando. Look it up...they has a website...with pictures!

and the best part...

It had a Hello Kitty Welcome mat!

So thanks J for the fun field trip!

Thanks to all the great people at pipe dreams!

And thanks to our personal tour guide for The woodshop!

And sorry david for getting home late and not having dinner ready till 9:30! lol

Happy thoughts!

Michelle "Hey whats this for?" Gasaway

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