Friday, June 19, 2009

OMG! A spider as big as my head was on the fridge!

ok ok so maybe not as big as my head but big enough for me to squeal like the girly girl that I am. Not that I hate spiders. I don't. they (for the most part) are good and eat bugs and are very artistic with web design and what not. And some dare I say it are really very pretty...just not when they are on my fridge near my food or crawling on me. Poor spider...if I had seen it before hand I would have tried to set it free outside. As it is it crawled from the door to my hand as I was opening it and scared the crap out of me....and is now in spidy heaven

Sad about the spider thoughts

Michelle"this so doesn't go with my warrior princess alter ego...but I'm sure xena had her phobias to..right?"Gasaway

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