Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is getting silly.

Why is it that guys who in the past wouldn't give me the time of day or broke my heart have decided that now that I am happy and not single that I am worthy of their affection? What is goign through their little minds? Men say women are hard to understand but i am are a totall and complete enigma to me. srsly. and the sad thing is getting really hard for me to be nice about it. soooo justin, sean, erik, tomas,carl and david (not my david..diffrent david) and mike....

I am Happy Healthy and there is noooooo chance again...NOOOOO CHANCE.

that is all

I swear next time a suggestion is made...I will start talking about the pregnancy...and not the fun stuff either....the words uterus and mucas plug will be men have been warned!


becoming brina said...

justin & erik? srsly? that's a terrifying blast from the past.

Captain Cleavage said...

your telling me! I thought i took a long time to move on! and the emails from justin are enough to make me want to vomit...with such phrases as

"your beautiful smile which radiated like the colors of a sunset and Of all the girls In highschool I loved I miss you the most.


at least erik was honest and fessed up to just wanting a romp in the sack! lol

becoming brina said...

Luckily for David, THEY'RE BOTH ASSHOLES. *shudder* i am? SO sorry. But i gotta say, it's brilliant that they're finally realizing what they missed out on ;-) revenge ftw!

ailina said...

Erik? Flores? Ohhhhh.... no. Yucky.
Also, your Capthas are always hilarious for no reason... (it's the word verification things. the one to post this comment reads slimmoop)

Captain Cleavage said...

why yes..erik flores...brina can fill you in on all that fun drama! lol