Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Run Cleavage RUN!!!

So I have lost 43 pounds since giving birth.

I know I know..I should be happy. I should not want to lose more...but I do.

The fact is...I am still out of shape and over weight.

So I have been looking for diffrent things to do.

My excersize dvds are now second nature and i use them to simply maintain my weight.

With D being out of work (although he got a job today! woot! but more on that later) I can't afford an excersize class or gym membership.

So I have decided after reading the updates on

that I want to do the couch 2 5k running program...

god help me.

But I know I can do this.

I want to be healthy. David desreves a hot sexy healthy wife. Penny deserves at healthy active mommy.

and I deserve to be able to look at myself nekkid and be happy :)

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