Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In 4-6 weeks my mailbox will be kicken!

well...it happend. I have joined...the freebie/coupon craze.

and I am so not even sorry.

It all started with listia. Ahhh listia you amazing free auction site. because of you my christmas shpping is done...and i spent...wait for it...10 dollars. thats right. Every one's gifts...and I spent...ten bucks. I have some really nice new ooks for the penny from book sneeze (one is in the mail and the other two will be coming out later this month.

And a free veggie tales DVD...WOOT!

the freebies i have signed up for..oHHHH MY GAWD!

like I said...in 4-6 weeks...my mailbox will be going crazy!

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