Thursday, September 1, 2011

remember how they ignored me..and other fun updates.

ok so first things first Booksneeze. The kicked me off the island...I was confused...then sad...then irritated...then over it. I decided after multiple emails and a blog and a facebook give it one more shot. I just wanted to know what the heck was going on. But i didn't expect an answer...but wonder of wonders...the next day I got one! and it was an apology as well as an explanation and they restored my account. Basically my reviews were crap...and it's true. I was rushing them in an attempt to get more books but I learned my lesson and my dear hearts I will be doing better with those. so thank you booksneeze for not only answering me (finally) but also for calling me out and showing me how to be a better review bug :)

and on to updates...

HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!! you know what this means?!!? summer is almost over...and my favorite time of year is starting. one more month till holiday extravaganza starts! Awesome!! Halloween thanksgiving Christmas new years penny's 2ND (ahhhhh) birthday my 29Th(shudder) birthday it's all coming up and fast. I'm tryng really hard to not bust out the Holiday crafts and music early. i mean it is still hotter than the devil's armpit out side and will more than likely stay that way for another 2 months. so....i need to enjoy this time when penny and i can go swimming (because school is also in so the pools are now quiet)and play in the rain and run around in shorts and t-shirts.

But that doesn't mean I can't get other owrds..i have finished my Christmas shopping...ohhhh yeah.

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