Thursday, September 1, 2011

mmmmmMinestrone soup...

I love my crockpot. for three reasons. Reason Number one...after about 4 home smells like a home. warm and loving and the air is filled with spices. Reason Number two...I can make three meals at one time. which means that I can cook all dnners or monday through friday in two sittings and that whendinner time rolls around during the week I am not battaling a toddler and trying to cook dinner and trying to clean as I go so that effectivly when she goes to sleep at done and can just sit back and relax!! Reason number three...d comes home to a hot meal hours after the dinner has been cmpleated... you know a lot of people thiink crocl pot cooking is only for soups and chowders and chilie's...but frankly if you can make it in an oven grill stove can make it n a crockpot! So while today I am making soup (minestrone) I woud like to salute the hard work that my crock pot has done this week...from steaks to ribs to soup to meatloaf to dessert...i salute you!

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