Friday, September 16, 2011

Operation one

I am so tired of being fat. I have never just been happy with my looks or my weight...ever.

but i decided to stop bitching and get uop and do somthing about it. So I will start

Sept. 16th 2011 friday
weight: 190 *sigh* I was down to 175 after I gave birth...oh how the mighty have fallen.

Couch to 5k program day 1. brisk 5 mn walk then jog for 30 seconds and walk for 90 seconds (alternating) for 20 min then a 5 min cooldown walk.

I hate running...HATE IT!

but this will get me in shape and i will so help me stay motivated. later I will do some yoga (maybe an hour before bed)

I am hoping to lose a good 40-50 pounds by next year

My BMI is 32.26 and it needs to be 23.26

I am not giving up TTC but i am putting it on hold for now. I want to be healthy and in a better place with my weight with my next little one :)

so my readers three days a week I will be running. If you are a facebook friend you will see the three weekley updates. but for here I will be updating once a week (which I will call FAT BE GONE FRIDAY!) on my progress (or lack there of!)

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