Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not me mon...ere i mean tue...oh wait wendsday...not me wendsday!

GAH! Wendsday?!?!? how did I loose two whole freaking days??? I bet it was aliens...I bet it was!

But seriouslly

I did not loose two days because I slept a total of like 5 million hours this week (seriouslly...I am not working this is I suffering from the tired?)

David and I did not watch Amistade last night (Which I have to admit...was the first time I have ever seen it in my life) and I did not

A) giggle hystericlly at multiple parts including the begining when one of the africans is dancing around and moking the two spanish saliors they had tied up and allowed to live)

B) yell at david for not warning me that an infant on the slave ship is killed when the woman holding the baby jumps overboard. (seriouslly have seen this know my movie rules...and an infant death? NOW?)

C) and bust out with "Well isn't that a bitch!" att he end when after all of that...after the slaves are finally FINALLY freed and going back home to africa you find out the leader gets back to find a civil war going on his village destroyed and his family gone because...they have been SOLD INTO SLAVERY! NOT COOL!

i have not been watching marathone episodes of reba this week and laughing loud enough that it apparently disturbed my neighbors (please the walls are paper thin and I have never complained about having to listen to their stupid music!)

I also did not have a mini freak out over a cold cut sandwich (more on the little appleseed blog about that)

and I did not call Planned Parenthood in an agitated state becuase they left a message telling me the date and time for my abortion (they were given the wrong info by another girl apparently).

sigh nope not me!

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