Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knock Knock..

Am I the only one in the world who finds it hard to be mean to the Mormon missionary's who come to my door? am I? I guess my thought process goes a little something like this

They are super excited about their beliefs (can't fault them)

They want to share their belief's with me because they truly believe this will make my life better ( problem..I am all for people trying to make me a happy girl)

They are nice to everyone...even the nasty people who slam doors and the ones who make fun of them (and you know they know when people are making fun of them)

I just can't bring myself to be nasty!

so when they do knock I answer the door smile tell them I am a christian and happy with my church (silently praying for god to forgive me for that little lie as David and I do not have a home church yet) and tell them to have a great day.

normally...normally I do this.

Today... on my first day off in oh 6 days....after working 6 12 hour days....I was so happy to be able to sleep about 8:15 am


Me in my nightie still jumps out of bed grabs my robe and stumbled to the door thinking its the cops (unfortunately this has happened enough that I expect it to be them now) because one of our totally classy neighbors has had yet another fight with her baby daddy.

but was the Mormons.

"Good Morning Michelle!" (sad...they know my name by now...they really don't give up do they)

wha...why? do you know what time it is?

"Why Yes It is 8 o'clock on this beautiful day god has given us!" (there were storm clouds behind them)


and with that I slammed the door and crawled back in bed and tried to go to sleep....but couldn't because I felt guilty.

so I got up got dressed grabbed some cookies I made last night...and found them three doors down. Apologized gave them the cookies and told them to come back on Monday at noon.

I am such a sucker.

so come Monday they will show up and try to sell me on joining their church...again. And I Will say sorry i am happy with my beliefs ...Again. And we will depart each others company...for at least another two weeks.

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle "Not how I wanted to start my day"Gasaway


BlackLOG said...

I'm afraid you are not living up to your blog-de-plume. I was expecting you to eat the cookies, for strength. Then track down the religious nutters and give him a damn good hiding before he disturbed the entire neighbourhood.

Encouraging them back, are you mad. I was bored once and invited one in for a religious chat. I'm a failed Catholic*, it didn't go well. He was harder to get rid of then a dull aunt at Christmas, no sense of humour and wouldn't drink the coffee I made him, how rude. I would have had a better time phoning the Talking Clock.....

* Believing in god is apparently a requirement for being a Catholic - no one told me, I thought it was optional. So blinkered .

Captain Cleavage said...

Synical! lol. meh I am actully a pushover when it comes to them (now door to door sailsmen...they are another story) but to berate or be rrude to someone just because I dont share their belife system...not gonna happen

becoming brina said...

Dude! Why encourage them? I mean, ok, i have no problem with wanting to apologize after being mean to someone, but dude. Really? You know this means that they're going to come back, right? Because of the part when you told them to? They took that shit literally.

Funny Girl Goes Blog said...

Oh...they will come back again, again, and again. I was once a Morman...they still claim me and I get visits and mail from them often. However, a few summers ago...there was a woman who would not let up...she called and left messages, left notes on my door, and did this for 6 weeks until I returned a call and left a message letting her know that I was no longer a Morman and did not want to be contacted again. I was polite but formal. Well, she continued to call and then left cookies at my door, and they were store bought, not a good sign of a good Morman. A good Morman would have made the cookies from scratch while breast feeding two of her six children all under the age of 5The store bought cookies kind of freaked me out, so I called her and left her another message letting her know that if she attempted to contact me again I would file a police report for harrassement and would seek a order of protection from the court. I really felt like I was being stalked; not kidding if the woman was not leaving me messages on the voice mail she was at my front door. Wacko!