Monday, May 4, 2009

Sometimes you just can't let go. Sometimes you just want to hold on. Everyone has good-byes in their life. sometimes it is the good-bye of a relationship...something you don't want to end no matter how much you know it has to. Sometimes it is the good-bye to a way of thinking when you realize that perhaps you were wrong. Sometimes it is the good-bye to people. People who make a difference who no matter what you think of them or if you feel they have wronged you in order to move on you must say good-bye. and sometimes...they leave you unexpectedly. They are there hugging you good bye telling you they will call you later on in the week and 30 min later they have been in an accident or suffered a fatal attack from some undiagnosed illness. You still must say good-bye...but sometimes it takes a while.Going through all my pictures I realized how I have not said my good-byes to a great many things. I hold onto them and press them to my heart wrapping my need around them until they are imprinted on my soul leaving their marks like a fossil in a piece of stone. The feelings of bitter anger loss and resentment becoming hard like a diamond from coal. This is not healthy.But yet i can not force myself to say goodbye to all of it at once. So I will do it over time. Starting small. Saying good-bye to the lost love from high school. The boy who broke my heart with his promises. The one who made me feel beautiful and worthless all at once. The one who I was not good enough for unless it was a secret unless no one knew.Reflective Thoughts!Michelle"Good-bye"Gasaway

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