Sunday, May 17, 2009

So david and I have been talking....

nothing all! lol

We were actually going over finances and such. and where we aren't destitute we are not where we wanted to be this close to the wedding. So while the wedding is still totally and completely on the date is probably going to be more like jan or feb of next year. not a huge deal or huge change (plus this gives me more time to lose weight). Luckily we have it all planned and since the only professional we are using is our photographer (ahem...brina..I needs an email as you aren't on the myspace anymore) it shouldn't be that much of a challenge. We mainly wanted to have enough money saved up for a really nice honeymoon trip plus have the credit cards paid off (and on a side note...we only have 300 dollars left to pay! woot!) and a certain amount in our savings account. between the accident and the fact that me working as a sub and going to school and my other job with the rat being on hold because we aren't "Busy" (summer break guys...they're totally busy!) we haven't been pulling in as much lately. Oh well.

We are healthy and together. we have a home and food. We may not be rolling in the dough but we have each other and are blessed to both have work. we make our bills on time every month and right now...that is what matters :)

k...enough with the gushy stuff!

I am going into withdrawals already!

I hate the summer tv schedule!

House! Bones! AI! I need you! lol

And I despise cliffhangers!

Please! Booth has amnesia?!?! WHAT?!?!

And house is in rehab...ok yeah i can see that...but will he be the same house we all know and love?

In other news I got a bunch of "new books" to read from a yard sale.

Circle of friends (I love that movie)

Summer sisters by Judy Blume (according to Cosmo it is a really good read with steamy sex...wait...this is the woman who wrote the super fudge series from my childhood?!?!)

A Child called it.

and three book that had covers sporting corset clad women and Fabio-esq type men that have lots of dog-eared pages and hopefully multiple references to "Throbbing Members"

And as far as the Mormons go. They came back. I sat down with them and explained that I respected their belief's but I was happy with mine and that from now on even if I was home I would not be answering the door.

They sad.

BUT I was strong and also let them know that our neighborhood was a no solicitor neighborhood and if the continued to come back myself and my neighbors were prepared to alert security and the management.

I will probably see them next week.

and one final last note..I HAZ 3 FOLLOWERS NOW!!! WOOT!

Michelle"waves neurotically to all the people who are now commenting and following her blog"Gasaway


ailina said...

Lol @ you/the Mormons. Sorry, but it's funny to someone who has never had a door-to-door religion experience.

Also, good for you about actually having finances in order! My bank account is jealous of your bank account. Srsly.

Captain Cleavage said...

lol tell it not to be to jelous! lol we are making it but we want to be able to make it and have a little extra...nothing huge....just enough to build up the savings account again.

ailina said...

Yeah, definitely wish my nearly-ex and i had been smart enough to do that. Part of the whole "growing up" gig or something, eh?

becoming brina said...

Sounds like a good plan!! It's great that you guys are taking time to get your finances where you want them before the wedding, and that things are flexible enough for you to do so. Woot! And BIG ole LOL at the Mormons!! :-D
my email's, and since the date is pushed back, i'll definitely have enough time to get the fabulous new camera that i want to use for the photos! WOOT!

Captain Cleavage said...

lol good! I was worried as I was unsure if you were still planning on moving to seattle or not and I didn't want to like put a stick in the mud with your plans or anything.

becoming brina said...

LOL no no, i have no immediate plans to move, and i don't even know if i want to go to Seattle anymore; i originally wanted to move to California but my ex didn't like any of the places i suggested, so we chose Seattle because it was the one place we could agree on. So now i have NO idea, but it won't be for a few years, most likely.