Monday, May 4, 2009

Dear sir,

I was asked by your assistant manager not to say anything to you. To let him handle you in his own way and to not get involved. I promised i wouldn't but I need to write this down anyway so I don't continue to see red every time I think about you. The two of you have been working at the plant for a little over a year now. he has taken off 3 days. You have taken of 19 days...14 of them withing the first year. You were payed for all of those days. He took off a day for illness a day to move and a day to take care of the care after a wreck...he didn't get paid for any of them.

You take off of work because your ferret died or to go dance naked in the woods at a pagan festival or because your roommates grandmother is in the hospital after having a stroke.

He takes over when you leave and does the job short staffed. you call the other plant and beg them to send help when he is out. He makes you look good and cleans up all the messes you make. He covers for you and never throws you under the bus with the big wigs.

So How dare you call him yesterday to see how things are going in your absence and respond to him telling you about the various problems around the plant which he took care of with "Sucks to be you" and not "Thank you so much for the great job you always do. I know I can count on you and I will make it up to you on Monday when I get back"

Well guess have abused your power one to many said sucks to be you...oh no my dear come Tuesday at the managers meeting at winter garden...It will suck to be YOU!

In case you didn't guess...D's on my "S" list and the only way I can keep myself from going to his house and straight up throat punching him is by writing him this letter...a letter i know he will never see (as he does all his blogging on myspace....where he is Mr.popularity)

But this does make me feel better

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"has found an outlet for her anger" Gasaway

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