Monday, May 11, 2009

I can haz followers? & Not Me Monday

I now have 2 followers (official ones) and what I believe is at least 3 other separate individuals that read my bloggag...but they dont leave comments. come and leave comments! no be shy!

Seriously though i totally feel popular (breaks into wicked song and dance routine)

I only have one thing that I really didn't do this week...

I did not spend my day off alone (that would be today) singing and dancing around the living room wearing an old Halloween costume to the wicked soundtrack and crying while singing Defying Gravity (this song was the first song I listened to when i left the courthouse after finalizing my has sentimental value)

I am so not Idena Menzal...but I think I sound better singing than I did in high school (Thank you church choir! woot free voice lessons!) mainly because I am not trying to sound like Julie or cory or ingrid (the chorus girls)

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"Sing with me now!"Gasaway


becoming brina said...

i actually am idina menzel. true story.

Captain Cleavage said...


ailina said...

*does the dance of being your second follower* You should feel special :)

Captain Cleavage said...

oh...I feel all kinds of special!