Saturday, May 2, 2009

I hates it!

So i started a new thing on my blog at myspace called cooking with cleavage. Nothing fancy...just a slide show with what I am making for dinner and my cleavage as the star. And my readers seem to really enjoy much that they want me to make a separate cwc page. Which feeds my ego and makes me blush *Bats eyes like her granny taught her*. But about 2 days ago one of my readers (who btw I have on more than one occasion had strong words with...and he is also one of these people that you just groan when you see him or see that he is responding to anything you may have posted. Asked me (in a comment in my blog) if he could have permission to do "Something kinda similar" on his response "but you don't have any cleavage"

to which he says"But my wife does"

ok so before I go on I have to say I was a little irked that he wanted to copy me using his wife...the I was really pissed that he wanted to copy me at all. being the classy lady that I am I told him no he could not use my idea but that if he wanted to do a cooking show as well then go ahead and do it but come up with his own unique thing (srsly his name is creative dragon...I mean come on..I had 3 ideas for a show immediately). He seemed to think I was being unreasonable but and I quote "I will be the adult and back down. I think your being's not like I was going to use the name cooking with cleavage just the set-up and concept and slide show form"

k...did you get that..I'm being childish because i didn't want him to steal my idea put a different name on it and call it his own?

Am I being unreasonable? Should I have told him go ahead?

Silly as it sounds I just had this mental picture of Cooking taking of and my getting interviewed on the view...I didn't want anyone to steal my dream...that's all

And I am not silly enough to believe that I am the only one who had this idea...But I don't know all the others who did..and they aren't my "friends"

Happy Thoughts!

Michelle"Besides I hate copycats"Gasaway


Lady Jane said...

I stumbled across your blog via Tia's and was glad I did. Hell, No should you have given permission for him to use it!! Thought about copyright?

Captain Cleavage said...

:) HI Lady Jane and welcome! Thank you for the comment. I have actually thought about a copywrite...i am just so not sure how to go about setting it up. Iam thinking I need to do it though since the Cooking page will be public.

p.s.Is lady jane a refrence to the movie or your name? just curious (Either way...awsome name!)