Monday, September 13, 2010

Downward Spiral.

The last 4 weeks have say the least.

D being out of work has been an adjustment. Our scheduals got totally thrown off.

Penny and I have got back on our normal routin somewhat and slowley D is as well.

But he has also gotton sick.

and now I am getting sick to. ugh.

With no jobs calling him back we have been discussing options. canceling our phone and internet service. we have cell phones which are pay as you go and cheaper and our apartment offers free wi-fi.

canceling the storage untit and selling things.

The bottom line is if he doesn't have a jb within the next few weeks...penny and i will be moving in with my parents and he apparently will be living out of his car until he finds a job.

Pride will not let him move with us.

i hate HATE HATE this.

I have been crying everyday just thinking about it.

i feel so incredibly helpless right now.

My family is possibly breaking up and I am looking at not having my husband with me everynight for the first time since we started dating. Penny loves her dad. She is used to seeing him every day. how will she adjust?

All i can think anymore is "what will become of us?"


Megs said...

I know it isn't much help, but hang in there! I hope you have support from your family, and give your husband a kick in the backside for me, for being so stubborn. If he is doing the best he can right now, there is no reason to feel so guilty.
I will continue to read your blog to see how your life improves!!

Captain Cleavage said...

lol thanks meg I will :)