Saturday, September 4, 2010

The muchkin and more...

So a few updates...

Penny is mobile...super mobile! She went from semi crawling to flying across the floor over night. She also imedietly started pulling up and crusing the furniture and saying dada and what I can only assume is "quack quack" (as she says it in the bathtub to her rubber duckies) within 2 days.

in the past 2 weeks she went from still being a baby to blossoming into an almost toddler.

All the changes sent me into a tizzy.

but a happy one.

In other news after many months of trying diffrent therapy and making diffrent life changes...I think I may have finally found something that works to help me give a beat down on the ppd.

of course i feel great after 3 days...we will see how it goes.

D is still job hunting. It's now been two weeks since he lost his job. The worry and fear is starting to subside somewhat as we are seeing that we are ok for now. hopefully he will get hired soon. He is lucky that he works in an idustry that is hiring right now and he has 15 years experience in it.

So long story short...

We are doing ok.

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