Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a Brazzle Dazzle day.

or a crazy day. So far today I have been good. I would say great but that would be exaggerating. I have been good.

and that's OK.

D is going to his old job for a meeting. I hope he gets his job back. The eternal cockeyed optimist in me is SURE he will.

The cynic in me is assuming he wont. Self preservation I guess. Expect the worst and you wont be disappointed and all that.

Penny now has three teeth. I am still amazed by how much she has grown and changed in the last 8 months.

And I go between saying "holy crap it has already been 8 months" because in 1 second it seems time has flown by...

but then I think "really...ONLY 8 months?" because it seems like she has been here for much longer. My memories of the time before her are there but seem so distant.

It's the same with D. we have been together for 2 1/2 years. on November 12Th we will have been married for 1 year.

But it seems much longer.

And my memories of the time before him, my first marriage, my divorce.

it all seems like a bad dream. images floating around that when you really sit and think the all kind of come together like an old movie reel and you think "was that really me?" did I really do that?

I am hopeful as always about the future for my family. I know we will be OK.

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