Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's no secret that I am a "bumpie" I love the bump. I do have my home board with ladies that I have known and been bumping with since 1st tri. I even have a couple which I would consider personal friends.

I think eve without The bump I would be a great mom. But because of it and the ladies on it I feel the transition was easier.

My PPD was a struggle (and still is) and although I did not post about it reading the stories of my fellow bumpies struggaling with it was a huuuuge help.

and even small things..

cloth diapering homemade baby food and breastfeeding...these were all things I learned about and got help with through the bump.

And it's not to say that it's all puppies and rainbows all the time...because it isn't.

There is a board though that i lurk on (which I promise you is not as creepy as it sounds)

And on this board is a group of woman who's streangth and love astounds me.

One of the ladies just lost her beautiful child.

I have sufferd a loss.

I know the pain.

But I also know her pain...is exponentialy larger.

For me losing the monkeys at just under 3 months was horrible.

But to give birth and hold your child and then lose them...

The outpouring of love was amazing.

And even though she does not know me. My heart breaks.

and she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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