Thursday, April 21, 2011

The first rule about TU-TU club is...


ok so now that i have that out of my system...her we go with easy peasy no sew tutu's!

So the first thing you will need to do is measure the person you are making it for. Remember to make it maybe an inch bigger because once you add the tulle it will be thicker.

Ok now that you have measured it's time for the supplies.

an elastic band or if you want to be really no sew you can use an elastic head-band :)

So you have your elastic band all cut and ready to go?

Great! So hear comes the only sewing. just a simple backstitch to made the this

ok so hear comes my least favorite is tedious. And if you have little ones...impossible unless they are asleep.

See what I mean

Cutting the tule. The bigger the tutu the more tule. and it is easy to snag and it gets we are not talking about the easiest fabric to handle...half the time it ends up like this

Anyway back to is a long tediuous want 16 in strips. Once it's has been cut (and if you are using multiple colorsI would advise keeping them all in diffrent piles...white and pink look just alike until you mess up )

now this next step while not as tedious does take awile. the great thing is you can very quickly and easily get into a rhythm and do this while watching Glee or Supernanny or any of your favorite television shows or movie.

So take a strip of tule (or if you like me by the end of the cutting process you refer to it as Devil fabric!) fold it in half like this

and tie it on the waistband. it should look like this...

after about ten you need to scrunch them together like this...

And you continue to do it until no more tule (devil fabric) fit's.

take a look at yout tutu and trim it up if need be...then sit back relax and have a glass of wine because have now made an adorable tutu!!

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