Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My favorite time of day.

When I first wake up...which is strange as i am so not a morning person.

But there is a peace and calm when I first wake up. I sit on my porch and have my morning coffee and watch the world wake up. I am able to just enjoy the peace.

You maybe wondering why i don't get this peace at night after penny goes to sleep.

Well the answer is I do...somewhat.

But while there is that quiet peace at night I am also finishing up my cleaning for the day taking a shower and baisiclly just kind of shutting down for the night.

I am also listening out for penny in case she wakes up.

but in the morning it's diffrent.

I am refreshed and hopefull. Looking at a day full of possibilitys. and waiting for the moment when my best little girlfriend wakes up and we can have our breakfast together :)

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