Thursday, April 28, 2011

just say no to the tie on bikini!!!

I have said it before and I will say it warm swimmng...hate bathing suits...HATE THEM!

I am lucky though that I have 1 swimsuit that I love. It hides things that should be hidden and my boobs fit perfectly.

unfortunantly...I left it at my mother in laws house last weekend (note to debbie so I can get my swimsuit back before john decides to use it as a super hero cape)

anyway back to the problem...penny had a swimming lesson today. and as I have to get in the pool with them...I was left in a conudrum...what the heck do I wear.

Now i have a bathing suit top which is jokingly marked as a size extra large...yeah right. But I had to wear something sooo the top and shorts...oh yeah people..I looked hot...HAWT!

Go ahead...I can wait til the laughter dies down....

ok so back to the story...there i was looking as hot as this guy

when penny (who did really well her first lesson) went crazy....Bat.Shit.Crazy.

not sure what triggerd it.

and what did she do...she grabbed for mommy of course. mommy her protector. mommy the one who bats away the evil luv bugs and alows her to eat dirt and smells her stinky feet everyday. Mommy who was wearing a tie on bikini top that was struggaling to hold it all in...

I am not sure which more embaressing...the fact that i was front of God and everyone...or that before I could stuff them back into my top and tie it...penny started batting at them like a cat swatchs at toy on a string


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