Friday, April 29, 2011

Knitting Knee-Highs

I love knitting...but thus far I have not succeded in making more than a small baby blanket.

Knit one pearl two.

So imagine my excitment when on book sneeze about a week ago I saw a new book..Knitting knee-highs.

a book on how to knit socks...awsome cool knee high socks...and leg warmers FREAKING LEG WARMERS!!!

I had imagies in my head of knitting awsome socks for me and my friends. I pictured my daughter and i sporting matching leg warmers.

after reciving the book I was not yet ment to be. While the patterns are is definantly a book for those who are more intermediete with knittng.

It is not for beginners. i repet NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

the illustrations are great and Barb Brown did a great job explaining sizes and showing how to easily convert sock patterns.

I still look forward to making all of the socks in this just might take a little longer than i thought.

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