Friday, April 1, 2011

Max on life!!

Ok so yes this is a book review ( I know 2 in less than a week...crazy!) But seriously this book is amazing!

Max on Life is by Max Lucado whom I have always been a fan of.

As a christian writer and preacher this book is set up like a Q & A session at church. But the questions are ones I have asked myself at least once in my lifetime and the answers are so well written that I can actually understand them.

I love how it is set up and it can be used as a devotional during quiet time as well as a refrence book. The sections are seperated nicely and it is easy to find the answers or questions you are looking for.

It was a very easy read. I recived the book and read it in 1 day! I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone who has these faith based questions on everything from finances to sex to relationships to the church and faith itself!

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