Monday, June 14, 2010

Because in my family....wild hogs count as pets.

I am from central Florida (as in Orlando)but my family hails from the backwoods of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

for the most part we are rednecks. My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother are all southern belles.

the men in my family...are all what is known as "good ole' boys".

But i love my family.

I love listening to my grandfather telling me the story of his grandaddy and how he died at the age of 35...after surviving the civil war...because on a dare he carried a barrel of molasses 30 feet...and had a brain aneurysm.

Or about my cousin "over in star city by the levee" (cause y' Arkansas...we can't be bothered know...addresses)Who actually saw a UFO "damn near as big as Dumas".

*shakes head in laughter*

I know some people would be embarrassed by this family. I think they are fabulous!

I worry about how much time penny will get to spend with my grandparents but in my family...we tend to be dying for 50 years...until we actually age 98!

And the older we get the more fun we are.

And my dad...who is a hunter...has a pet hog...named Miss Kitty.

Because in my family...old yellow bulldogs and razorback pigs...are pets.

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