Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mary mary quite contrary...how does your garden grow?

I love plants. always have!

my parents always had some sort of garden when I was growing up

My moms climbing roses, my dads veggie's, and my stepmoms green house all were reasons why I love the plant life.

And I have my own garden now.

Granted its a little harder being a gardener in an apartment but we have an awsome porch.

And on that porch...is my cacti garden.

D is putting up more shelves for me so I can start my herb garden...ZOMG! Can you imagine!??! fresh basil,oregeno,parsley...*swoon*

Now if only I can convince him...to let me grow tomatoes...


Jenn said...


I love gardening -
i have two veggie gardens and one flower garden. When it goes well it is so rewarding.

Captain Cleavage said...

yeah you would have though I would have posted pictures lol

Captain Cleavage said...

and jenn...I am jealous of your gardens! lol