Thursday, June 17, 2010

I really doubt she whistled while she worked...

Snow White...growing up you actually made me belive that chores could be fun...YOU LIED.

I really don't think you ever had to clean up after a blender misshap

*note to self...make sure the blender lid is ALL the way on in the future*

Penny was helping me make baby food this morning

(and by helping I mean overseeing the process and throwing in her two sense...saucy little minx that she is)

I was laughing..and it was all fun and games...until I turned the blender on.

Squash went everywhere...and penny rolled her eyes.

Yes sweety mommy is that ditzy...

2 hours and a bath later we are all clean and I am this close *holds up finger and thumb inches apart*

to saying screeeewww this Im buying gerber!

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