Saturday, June 26, 2010

The breast is best...

Now if you read my blog (or at know...the title) You would probably deduce I have nice cleavge.

and I think I do.

You know why I like them...because they are versitile.

Part sexy. Part useful

I breastfeed. and I love it (I didn't at first but that is a whhhole other post)

I have feed my daughter in lots of places including in public.

And I have to say my peace on NIP

A lot of women who nurse in public do it descretly. Thats fine. a lot of them don't. Thats fine to. do what is right for your family.

But my biggest pet peeve are the nursing women who dislike nursing rooms with a passion.

here is a good example.

We went to sea world yesterday. Penny got hungry. We were within 15 feet of a nursing room and 10 feet of a bench.

it was 97 degree's and muggy.

There was a woman nursing on the bench (which was in the sun and in the middle of a playground area)

I turned to D and said "babe im going to go nurse her in the nursing room ok?"

bench lady...gave me a dirty look and said "you know you can nurse out here! women like you are the reason NIP is frowned upon!"

Excuse me!?!? Now i couold write out a whole paragraph about how this made me feel but instead I will simply write out my response.

"It's 97 degrees out here she doesn't eat if she get's distracted and the room has A/C and rocking chairs. sorry but our comfort right now trumps making a statement."

I mean are you kidding me? Did I mention it was 97 effing degrees?!?!?!

I really wish mom's would stop waging war on each other and just accept that everyone is diffrent and doing the best they can for their family.


LA @The Reel Family said...

ahh Mommy Monster. Yuck , please keep your ugly opinions to yourself. THANKYOUVERYMUCH. You know she was ugly because she was insecure about doing it.

Good for you for doing what works for you!

Jenn said...

"I really wish mom's would stop waging war on each other and just accept that everyone is different and doing the best they can for their family."

YES!!! This is so true! You said that so well.

I'd have totally chosen the AC and comfy chairs too.

Captain Cleavage said...

@ Jenn...RIGHT!

I mean if the room was on the other side of the park and the bench was in the shade I would have totally NIP...but come on...A/C...97 degree's...It's a no brainer!

@ LA bwahahaha mommy monster! I hadn't heard that one yet!

Laura said...

in my family women NEVER breastfed in public. they always went into another room or (worst case scenario) the bathroom. personally, i can't stand seeing women breast feed in public! i know it's natural, but i really don't care to see your breast. kthxbye! lol

Captain Cleavage said...

@ Laura and you are free to feel that way absolutly. But would you go up to a complete stranger who is breastfeeding and tell her to stop feeding her kid and that it's gross?