Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The blog hop

I don't usually do "theme days" but this blog hop sounds fun...plus I need new reading material.

and when the theme is "handcuffs" weeeelll goodness graces how can one pass that one up?!?!

Of course after visiting the other blogs i have to say...my blog kinda sucks...seriouslly.

maybe someday I will be able to figure out how to have a purtiful blog.

Baisiclly what is going to happen is this

Welcome to the Tuesday Tornado Blog Hop! We're a group of Bloggers wanting to branch out and find other blogs to read and follow.

Interested? It's easy to join.

- Simply leave your name and url down below, and it will be added to the list.

- Follow the first 9 bloggers on the list. Be sure to leave a comment on their blog so they can follow you back.

- Add the blog hop button below to your sidebar or Tuesday post.

- Follow anyone else on the list you want.

Do you have to do this every week? Nope. Just as often as you want. But the more you post, the more followers you'll get. Active commenters and participants have a chance to be the featured blogger one week - meaning lots more visibility.

We'll have different themes in the weeks ahead to keep it fun - but always something simple and quick. We are all busy bloggers!

Next Tuesday we'll be doing a hot word theme. The word you can blog on that day is "Handcuffs." Examples: You can use it in a sentence, put your own definition on it, talk about your personal experience with them ;), whatever. Let us know what you did by leaving a comment next week when you link up.

The list is only open to join on Tuesdays, but all week long you can come back and link up to the new blogs.

When leaving a comment, try to leave a little personal love and then where you came from and your url if needed. It's no fun to read a comment that just says, "From Tuesday Tornado Blog Hop."

Oh, and thank you for linking up to us! We look forward to getting to know you!

1. hormonal-imbalances.com
2. foreverandafter.wordpress.com
3. www.notmommyoftheyear.com
4. www.melodramamma.com
5. www.thisadventureourlife.com
6. 365daysofbeing30andamommy.blogspot.com/
7. lifewithvivianlem.blogspot.com/
8. www.edwinjamesholman.blogspot.com/
9. rumbleinthekitchen.com/
10. angelaandpatrick.blogspot.com
11. www.justine0520.blogspot.com/
12. www.ithoughtilovedyouthen.blogspot.com
13. www.dearsydney.net
14. goobergrapemonkeyman.blogspot.com
15. www.knit1maxtoo.blogspot.com
16. www.sweetpeandmama.wordpress.com
17. www.papoe.typepad.com
18. 2muchtestosterone.blogspot.com/
19. jessesco.blogspot.com/
20. itsneverdone.blogspot.com/
21. www.lifelessseriously.wordpress.com
22. punken.com/?p=361
23. talesofthewife.blogspot.com
24. www.mrandmrseyecansee.blogspot.com
25. www.fishforpeace.com/fly-fishing-books/
26. dickeykids.blogspot.com
27. bshawfamily.blogspot.com/
28. thelittleblondegirl.blogspot.com
29. tiaras-and-trucks.blogspot.com/
30. santanaadventures.blogspot.com/
31. www.ninjapanza.blogspot.com
32. www.mytrendytykes.com
33. www.benandcarrietracks.blogspot.com
34. captaincleavagewarriorprincess.blogspot.com

(Submissions close in 9h 5m)
URL: (URL of your blog post)
Email: (Not visible)

gosh i hope I did that right!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stoppin in from the blog hop! Your blog title is a hoot, I look forward to more laughs!

Captain Cleavage said...

your welcome! Hope you enjoy!

LA @The Reel Family said...

Looking forward to following! Your title is amazing! Thanks for stopping by!