Saturday, June 12, 2010

when it gets awkward

I am lucky. In so many ways. But i have to say i am luckiest in the way that I am, even after two years, still head over heels in love with my husband. Yes I know, It's only two years. But we were told...after six months the physical relationship will ebb. and then we were told after we got married our sex life would go dry. and then we were told after penny gets would be dead.

None of that has happend. granted when we first started dating we would spend the weekend together in a hotel somewhere. And lets face it I love sex. Yes thats right I said it. love it more than shoes. And in D I have found my perfect partener.

Usually we are both in sync and all about the sexy time when ever we get the chance.

But soemtimes, every once n a while. it just doesn't work out.

maybe the baby wakes up before we really have a chance to do anything. maybe we are both so dogged tired.

Last night though we were all about the sexy time. And it just didn't work. Which made me feel sad and regected. D was frustrated, I was pouting, and all in all neither one of us spoke to the other.

until i realized how tired I was and layed down to go to sleep.

And D kissed me good night.

sometimes just a kiss is just a wonderful as sexy time itself.


Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year said...

Aww... It's so good to hear that you're still connecting. Sometimes we do... sometimes we don't and when the don't starts to add up, I feel really disconnected.

PS. Glad you linked up to the blog hop & your blog does NOT suck. Not even a little.

Captain Cleavage said...

awww thanks krista!

I agree with you on feeling disconnected.

and it's not even about the actual act of having sex but just being with each other. D works nights so we see each other aproxomantly 45 a day on his work days. But he does have three days off so it's all good!