Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kinda makes me feel quesy

So as I have posted before when my ex and I split up...I went a little bit crazy.
I had a friend whom I have known for years. We worked together and always had a lot of shall we say...sexual tension...and we flirted....all the time.

My ex could have cared less. In the end she even suggested I hook up with him.

Well wonder of wonders when the ex and I split up he was also in the middle of a divorce from his wife.

We went out for coffee and lunch a few times. Never a date just...friends. We talked about our seperations what went wrong how we were dealing...and we flirted.

Finally after about a month...we slept together. after that once or twice a month we would meet up for lunch and sex.

Even when I was dating again I would even end up in his bed. but then I met D.

I thought it was just lust at first. But after the first day I was very aware of how much i not only wanted D physically but also how much i needed him emotionally.

I stopped taking m's calls and deleted his emails.

Now over 2 years later i every once in a while will get an email from him.

They usually have pictures that are inapropriate. I have told him many times to stop...i don't hear from him for 3-4 months and then it's back to the same old same old...so I think I need to change my email.


I feel like I should be sad letting go of a friendship...but honestly Im just angry and disgusted

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