Sunday, June 13, 2010

The shelter of my heart.

I have slaked on going to church in the past 10 years.

Truth be told I disliked getting up and going to church every sunday growing up. The main service was boring to me and seemed to drag on forever. But i loved sunday school and youth group and choir.

Choir and singing...always my favorite. Whenever we sang in church was when i felt close to God.

When I turned 18 and got my first job at disney....I stopped going to church. Because I had to work. Now I had an excuse! I mean shurly God wouldn't begrudge me going to work on sunday so someone else could have the day off to be with their family right?

Truth was just an excuse. I married someone who was against the church and would have never set foot in one. and after the split when I lived with my mom...I went to church...sometimes.

David is catholic and I was raised baptist. When I was pregnent we decided to raise her catholic. After attending 1 mass I knew this was right.

I am excited about going to worship service now. not just for the singing but to hear the message. I WANT to read my bible and do daily devotions during the week and I am getting better about praying everyday.

I wonder sometimes if I had been taken to a catholic service when I was younger if I would have choosen to be catholic on my own.

For in this church I have found...

a shelter for my heart.

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