Friday, June 25, 2010

My love affair...and why I will not stop.

Cloth Diapering...I loves it!

But i will be honest..i was very on the fence about it. Pregnancy months 2 (because thats when I knew I was knocked the eff up) through 6...I was so all about CD'ing.

months 7-8 I was rethinking it...I mean sposies would be sooo much easier. months 8-9 I was to busy handcuffing myself to the kitchen stove to give a hoot. and as you all know from yesterdays first 4 months post partum...I was dealing with extreme PPD.

But at the end of month 4 (when I had started getting help) I began to rethink my stance on cloth diapers.

I really loved the look and feel of them. I loved the thought of not running out. and I hated my diaper pail full of sposies. HATED IT!

The funny thing about the diaper pail is it wasn't really ment for diapers.

It was a trash can given to me by my ex mother in law.

Yes...the woman gave me an effing trash can one year for christmas...when I opend it and looked in side it was full of cleaning stuff.

and there was a note *Maybe this will help you keep the condo a little cleaner.*


Actually...maybe if your son wasn't such a lazy slobby asshole...I could keep the condo a little cleaner...just sayin.

anyway back to the original reason for the post.

So at 5 months i started cloth diapers. just at night (we wanted to try them out first)

know took us 2 days to fall in love and 1 week to choose the ones we wanted.

If we have another baby...we will cloth diaper from the begining.

And no one can convince me to do otherwise!

p.s.I threw out the stupid diaper pail/trash felt wonderful!


LA @The Reel Family said...

HAHAHA! Wow that makes me laugh hard! Somedays I would like to say that about my MIL but my SIL reads my blog and would tattle I am sure.

We live in the pool too, its also getting old. I found an indoor inflatable jump place that has a "young" section, only kids 2 and under and they crawl, run and not get killed. It is also like 4 bucks so we go there a lot and hit up playgrounds at like 4pm. I also have been known to trade a happy meal for an hour in their BIG ball pit. But basically I sit my butt in the pool or the house and when I feel like dragging it out the sprinkler mat. That is nice because more than just my back gets sun :)

Captain Cleavage said...

your SIL doesn't read myyyy blog though! lol

We have sea world passes and frankley...the aquariums and wild artic are always nice and cool...but I think the employee's there are begining to think I'm a crazy fish lady! lol

i so wish we had an inflatable jump place close by. we do have the library as well